2012 Latino Books Into Movies Award -
Second Place Drama Category

2007 Pen/Oakland Josephine Miles Award

2007 Northern California Book Award

2006 USA Book News Best Books Award
The Brazil of the imagination is shattered in this novel of two tortured souls wrestling
with the myths of movies, politics and the American Dream. Laced with fantastic tales
of bird-boys, Amazons, and lost conquistadors, it spins a compelling story of
desperation as it reminds us that American freedom and the myth of unbridled
opportunity can also consume and destroy.

"Samba Dreamers is a brilliant debut and addition to the Latino literary cannon. ...I
couldn't put it down."                   
  ---Virgil Suarez,  In the Republic of Longing

"How could I not love an Amazonian ex-con fighting the image of her mother the
famous Brazilianstar Carmen Socorro?"        
   ---Kathleen Alcalá, The Flowers in the Skull


"Azevedo's portrayal of life in exile and her representation of a broad spectrum of
immigrant issues are sophisticated and convincing. . ."   --- Women's Review of
"It’s hard to believe this is the author’s first novel. . . She creates these two very
human characters that we would gladly follow from here to Brazil  -- www.latinostories.

" Like samba music, de Azevedo’s novel is melancholy, energetic, and fun.  --
Multicultural Review

"Samba Dreamers" is a dark, fantastical and, indeed, brilliant cautionary tale .... If
Nathanael West had been Brazilian,"The Day of the Locust" would have looked a lot
like "Samba Dreamers." ..... a remarkable new literary voice."  ----El Paso Times

"...... richly drawn characters and an imaginative plot that is as exciting as a wild
carnaval parade."    ---- Tucson Citizen  

"De Azevedo takes them from one-dimensional stereotypes to three-dimensional
beings, revealing the angst, terror and complexity of people seen by society only as a
problem... ----Américas

"De Azevedo's vibrant debut novel creates a world through the strange intersection
of Hollywood fantasy and real-world cultural exchange . . ." ---Publishers Weekly  
Samba Dreamers - Novel