I was born in Rio de Janeiro Brazil of a Jewish father
and Brazilian mother. Needless to say, this
upbringing made me passionate about the world
outside the U.S. In addition to traveling, especially in
different areas of Brazil, I was fortunate to have
received a fellowship from Stanford University’s
Center for Latin America Studies to study Literatura
de Cordel, traditional folk ballads from the
Northeastern Brazil. These ballads are thriving
today, thanks to a crop of new poets.

My interest in international and human rights issues
extends to the classes I teach at Skyline College in
San Bruno California. Though I have an MFA from
the University of Washington in fiction, the real
challenge is to write when there seems to be no
time. This is where my passion for writing comes in. I
can't stay way from it long.

Thanks to my novel
Samba Dreamers and some very
wonderful academics who supported me, I was
invited to present at some dynamic conferences
such as:
Latino Literary Imagination: East Coast/
South West Dialogue On Narrative Voices And The
Spoken Word
at Rutgers Univerisity;  University
Brazilian-Americans in Georgia and Beyond: A Multi-
Disciplinary Symposium
at University of
Georgia/Georgia State University;  and at the  
National Latino Writers Conference at the Hispanic
Cultural Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

My website, I hope, serves as a tool for appreciating
Brazil, though nothing beats seeing the magnificent
country for yourself, not just for the beautiful
beaches, but for the beautiful people and their
Me with my husband Lewis Campbell